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Marilyn Fischbein-Byers
74622 CSAH 27
South Haven, MN 55382
Newfies are Special Dogs
Puppies and Young Adults for Companion, Show & Work
*** To Loving Homes Only! ***
Horses are Available for Any Occasion
Weddings * Anniversaries * Birthdays * Parades * Proms * Hayrides * Carriage Rides * Sleigh Rides * Trolley Rides
Are you looking for something special for a Wedding, Neighborhood gathering, Company Event or Parade?  Then let us bring our horses to you!  Our Carriages, Trolleys, Wagons & Sleighs are drawn by Magnificent Dapple Grey or Black Percheron Horses.  Our charges are based on an hourly rate.  We will handle all the details of mapping out that perfect route.  Make your reservations early as we are talking reservations up to 2 years in advance.
We at Black-Shadow's Kennel, Farm & Carriages are endeavoring to produce Newfoundland Dogs on a consistent quality and good health.  We have been raising Newfoundland's since 1972 and typically have one litter a year.  The puppies are well socialized, up to date on vaccinations and worming and come with a written Health Certificate and Guarantee. These dogs are gently giants and are NOT for everyone.  Owning a dog is a life long commitment, make sure that this is the proper dog for you and your family.
The Finest Livery Service In Minnesota
Percheron Horses
Newfoundland Dogs
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